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St Mark's, Laguna

The Church of St. Mark was built by parishioners from locally hewn sandstone and felled cedar.

The shingles on the bell tower are original and came from the Wattagan mountains.

In November 1884, Bishop Pearson consecrated the Church and remarked that St. Mark's was enriched by gifts contributed by local families.

As you walk around the church, familiar family names are repeated on the plaques: testaments of a continuing reverence for this hand built church in the hearts of the founding families.

The beautiful east window in the sanctuary came from St. Mathews Church at Payne's Crossing after it was deconsecrated in the 1960s.

In the new millennium, new stained glass windows have been added in memory of loved ones.

A strong sense of community lives on in the untouched, relaxed, atmosphere of St. Mark's.